Contributions have closed!

If you’ve come looking to contribute to the Spring 2020 buy, the contributions are now closed. If you’d like to be notified of the next time we do a group flask buy, then you can share your email address and I’ll ping you when the next one is happening.

Disclaimer: Flasked orchids are very small and require a particular environment and care to grow to adulthood. Depending on the care they receive, many may not survive to adulthood.

sample orchids

Do you want to expand your orchid collection on a budget? Maybe grow something that is not a phalaenopsis? Join this spring’s Utah Orchid Flask Group Buy.

Orchid growers sell tiny baby orchids in bulk by the “flask” for $30-400 each. If we buy several of these flasks together then we can share the cost of purchase and split each flask out amongst ourselves to get a variety of species.


If this sounds interesting to you, then continue reading. The minimum buy-in for this order is just $25 and guarantees you 3-5 baby orchids from 2+ separate species. The more you pay, the more you get. The more folks that join, the greater variety of species we’ll be able to order.

This Order’s Supplier

I have selected HBI, a one-man Orchid flask producer based in Delray Beach, FL run by Mick Fournier, as the supplier for this order. I’ve talked with Mick on the phone and he will be shipping the flasks out here to Utah for us.


January 16, 2020: I begin accepting order contributions

February 14, 2020: I send out orchid variety preference surveys

February 15, 2020: Contributions close

February 18, 202: I put together the order and send it off to HBI

Late February - Early March: The shipment arrives via USPS at my home in Pleasant Grove. I will divide the flasks into each individual contributor’s allotments and notify everyone when they are ready. Unless you arrange otherwise, you will have 3 days to come by my home and pick up your orchids.

How It Works

In order to encourage maximum participation and enjoyment, I have decided to make the minimum buy-in for this order just $25. The more folks that participate, the greater variety of orchid species we will be able to order. The more you contribute, the greater quantity and variety of orchids you will receive.

Your orchids will come in a simple container, bundled in moist sphagnum moss. The orchids in the flasks will vary in size, but all will be very young. In order to be fair to all contributors, you may receive some that are smaller and some that are larger.

sample orchids

In the tiers below I list quantities in the form “5-8+”. Because there are no guarantees as to exactly how many healthy specimens arrive in a flask, I cannot promise ahead of time exactly how many orchids you will receive. What I can promise is:

  • You will not receive fewer than the minimum stated
  • I will divide the total number of orchids evenly based on your contribution to the order - so any extra orchids I receive will be divided evenly. I will not be be keeping any for myself beyond what is allotted me based on my own monetary contribution to the order.

$25 Tier

What you get:

  • 3-5+ labelled baby orchids from at least 2 species
  • Regular text updates on the order

Orders closed

$50 Tier

What you get:

  • 5-8+ labelled baby orchids from at least 4 species
  • Regular text updates on the order
  • You may choose 1 sub-$40 species from the catalog and I will guarantee it gets on the order

Orders closed

$75 Tier

  • 8-12+ labelled baby orchids from at least 6 species, including at least 1 Ghost or Neofinetia falcata orchid*
  • Regular text updates on the order
  • You may choose 1 sub-$65 species from the catalog and I will guarantee it gets on the order

Orders closed

$100 Tier

  • 11-14+ labelled baby orchids from at least 8 species, including at least 1 Ghost or Neofinetia falcata orchid*
  • Regular text updates on the order
  • You may choose 2 species from the catalog and I will guarantee it gets on the order

Send payment via Venmo to @Cory-Klein-1 or use one of the buttons below.

Orders closed

Contributions >$100

For contributions greater than $100 I will essentially scale your benefit accordingly. Send payment via Venmo to @Cory-Klein-1.

*Varieties Disclaimer

In the unlikely event we have very few contributors then I will be unable to order the more expensive orchid varieties or guarantee greater than 4 different orchid species. If you want to help ensure this does not happen, share this page with any family or friends that you think may want to participate in the order!

Species Preference Survey

Once contributions close on February 15 I will send out a survey explaining which varieties will go on the order and, more importantly, giving you an opportunity to rank your preference. I will do my best to make sure you given your top choices, but the larger your order the more likely you’ll get everything you’re looking for.

sample orchids

Orchid Care

Most of the orchids we order will not be your typical hardy phalaenopsis and may require special care specific to their species. Please research the species that make it on the order! Part of the fun will be learning to raise and cultivate new varieties. I hope I personally will be able to successfully raise all my orchids to maturity, but part of the fun is that if you fail on some here or there it’s not a large loss since the investment is much smaller than for an expensive fully grown specimen. If you’re a beginner, don’t be afraid; just have fun and if something dies consider it an affordable learning experience and try again on the next group order!

And as a reminder; these orchids are babies! They will be very small and you are unlikely to see them bloom for 3-5 years.


Why don’t orchid counts scale proportionately with the tier contribution?

Not all of the orchids that make it on the order will be priced the same. For example, the Cattlya amethystoglossa are only $30 for a 10-plant flask, while the C lueddemanniana var coerulea are $45 a flask, and the Neofinetia falcata are $55-90 a flask. The more you contribute to the order, the greater access you are purchasing to the more expensive varieties. However, if you prefer volume over variety then please let me know. Depending on what goes into the order I may be able to give you more orchids if you are OK only receiving the more affordable varieties.

Can I get my money back?

Yes! Well, it depends. If you change your mind before I place the final order with HBI, I am more than happy to return your contribution. If you would like to do this, please let me know.

However, once I have placed the order with HBI I cannot, unfortunately, issue refunds. I cannot guarantee the quantity or quality of the orchids we receive, I can only promise to be as transparent and fair as possible.

What supplies should I get?

I’m sorry, but I cannot provide any advice or guidance on orchid supplies or care in this forum.

How much money are you making from this?

If things according to plan I will make absolutely no profit from this endeavor. All the work of putting together the order and dividing the orchids I am doing on an unpaid volunteer basis, which means we all get more orchids! That’s the whole point. My motivation for organizing this group buy comes mostly from my own desire to expand my personal orchid collection and learn more about orchids, but also it seemed a simple and low-effort way that I could bring joy to others as well.

That said, I will need to put a small portion of the total order cost towards the sphagnum moss and containers. However the goal isn’t to sell flower pots or planting medium here, so I will only spend the minimum necessary to allow you to safely transport your orchids home, I expect less than $20 total. The amount available for me to place on the order may also be slightly less than what was contributed due to various fees that payment processors may charge.

What will the orchids look like? Which orchids will be on the order?

You can see the orchid candidates on the catalog. Until we know how many total contributions are made and how participants rank their preferences, we won’t know exactly which varieties will make it on the order. But I hope we can get a wide variety of the options available.

When will I get my orchids?

Most likely the end of February, but it will depend on how long it takes HBI to process and ship the order. I will send updates to all contributors as information becomes available and the time gets closer.

Where can I pick up my orchids?

At my home in Pleasant Grove. I’m not posting my home address here, but I will send it out to each individual directly once the orders close.

How can I help?

I do not need any assistance at this time, but if the order ends up gigantically huge I may solicit volunteers for help in dividing up the orchids in the shipment.

Who are you?

My name is Cory Klein. I am a long-time Utah resident, avid gardener, and a programmer by trade. I am married and have 3 young boys.

How can I contact you?

For general questions, please leave them in the comment form below. If you contribute to the order you will receive my phone number, email address, and home street address.